fact 29 – retro flavor

anybody here remember interplay? probably not, they went belly up some time ago. which is surprising, because you’d think i, by my self, could have supported them into eternity. specifically, two cute little games called Realms of the Haunting and Stonekeep (neither one of which looks very good at all by today’s standards, and both of which are actually quite long) were my two favorites. looking at the installation guides is seriously a nerd’s comedy club. RotH says it requires a 486 processor. Stonekeep gives instructions on how to start the program with DOS commands. of course my other favorite old school game, Septerra Core (which interplay turns out to have had it’s hand in as well, coincidentally) isn’t much better. at least win 98 was out by then, but still, the Recommended System has 32 MG of ram and a pentium 233. hell, my gateway that i bought in 1999 has a pentium 500.

i mention all this because when i went to play RotH last night, i discovered that it won’t play properly under XP. i tried compatibility mode, but that was no help. there is a fancy little thing called DOSbox, but even that has trouble identifying my sound card. so, alas, i had no choice but to set up my old delight with windows 98 and play the games on that. the room i’m in right now? the den? there are currently four computers in here. it’s like nerd heaven. (^_^)

actually, the process went rather well. it brought back all sorts of memories. i haven’t reinstalled any version of windows since XP came out, let alone 98. i got it up and running with remarkably little fuss. finding drivers has been a bit of a chore, especially for my 3dfx voodoo video card (that’s right, it’s so old, it doesn’t even have a number), but at least it’s do-able (hint for the weary? plug the serial number into google). suprisingly, finding a driver for my garage-sale-find monitor (which is a 19″ dell charmer, by the by) was easy as pie. lexar even has a 98 driver for my firefly flash drive. how cool is that! … how nerdy am i!

anyhow. in other news. i got an email from kodak to say that they’ve received my camera and have put it on the line for repair. hopefully, i should get that thing back before long. i miss it. the pictures you see above were actually taken with my cell phone. a kyocera slider remix. well, actually a slider sonic. it’d be a really great phone if virgin mobile hadn’t basterdized it. for now, i’ll have to take what pictures i may with this thing. i can’t wait to start taking real pictures again. i haven’t listed anything on etsy in over a week, and i’m starting a new shop there in june. theplushiefoundry. i’ll be running it with my sister, so it should be fun. plus, the plushie’s i’ve been making are SOOO CUTE~ *ahem*


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