FACT 28 – breakin’ up is hard to do

that is all.

… … … …

oh my god. why did gackt’s Last Song just pop up on my mp3 player… (T_T) this is absolutely horrible. i have, literally, not the faintest idea when the hell i bought this thing. it has to have been less than a year ago, which puts it firmly within the warrenty period, but if i can’t find my receipt, it’s kind of pointless! hells! i don’t even know where i bought the thing, let alone when. jeeesus. and i’m right in the freaking middle of a tutorial! damns! plus! plus plus plus! i have no pants! (^^;) not as in, i’m half naked right at this moment, i do have my pjs on, but rather as in, all my pants are dirty and mine brother is downstairs still asleep probably ten feet from our extremely noisy washing machine and seeing as i’ve already trudged up and down those stairs about four times in search of a) breakfast, b) pants, and c) above-mentioned worthless camera, i figure i can wait for pants. oh! and alas! how i cannnot wait to get my own apartment.

on a lighter note, — oh wait. i got that camera for christmas. crap. i wonder if my mom would still have the receipt…

anyhow, the lighter note. i sent along the last chapter of warawanai the other day. we’ve decided to just release it all at once rather than doing each chapter individually. it’s a pretty obscure little manga, so it’s not like we have to worry about other groups doing it while we’re waiting, and it’ll only be a month or so to finish editing and proofing the last three chapters. anyway, i think it’ll be cool to release them all at once.

do you wanna know the most obnoxious thing on the planet? a piece of hair down your shirt. the only thing more annoying than that is if it happens while you’re at work and you can’t fish it out w/out risking that upstanding image you’ve worked so hard to cultivate.

when kalendel asked if i had any specific manga i’d like to work on next, i thought briefly of a manga i just got from [the eternally blesséd] bookmooch, kimi sae ireba or something, but honestly i’m a little put off by the sheer amount of page-time penises get in that manga. i don’t mind if they have sex, even a lot of sex (and let me tell you, these boys are like rabbits) but this manga turns out to be a little more H than i normally like. plus, kalendel was like, i’ve got this manga that i’ve fallen in love with and i’d love to see it done, so i said, hey, fork it over. it turns out to be about a wandering priest and some adorable little boy. actually no sex at all in this one, it’s just (well, i suppose i don’t know exactly, seeing as i’ve only barely started reading it, but) light shounen-ai. i’m not so much for adorable little boys (unless they’re quite frisky) but i am 100% FOR wandering priests, and the manga really is beautiful to look at, so i’d say, so far, i like it. i used up my translations notebook with the last of warawanai, so, oh woe is me, i had to make a new one. i had some extra coffee stained paper (no, not that i spilled coffee on it, i intentionally dyed it) hanging around (from the tutorial i’ll eventually be putting up) but of course I CAN’T SHOW IT TO YOU BECAUSE MY CAMERA’S DEAD. damn. coz it’s awesome.

first mm? what’s the manga called for goodness sake? uh… er… um… you know, i don’t remember… hell. ah! tsuki no sabaku. Lunar Desert.

second mm? you’ve got a tutorial to show us coffee staining paper? don’t you just toss a cup of coffee on the stuff? well, it’s not specifically about the coffee staining. actually, it shows you how to make a regulation Indiana Jones Grail Diary.

me/ hordes nerd points.


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