FACT 30 – scripts and commissions

quite possibly the most genius idea i’ve ever heard. (^_^) actually, i’m quite psyched up for script frenzy. my current plot planets are revolving rapidly around a steaming sun of jewish mysticism and biblical apocrypha with just a hint of Realms of the Haunting spice. now if only gravity would take hold and melt them down into one cohesive plot, i’d be set…

speaking of RotH, i’m falling in love with it again. i’d forgotten how awesomely awesome it is. how creepily creepy. i actually jumped out of my skin last night while i was playing (in my defense, i was surprised by a couple of hideous wingéd gargoyle things. i was in their lair and i turned around to run from one and there was another right there.) despite the fact that i’ve played (and beaten) that game, that same game, some half-dozen times. that? is how awesome it is.

speaking of awesome, i got a commission for some thirty japanese stab-bound books. well, it’s not quite firm yet, so i suppose i should jostle the fates, lest the job collapse like the money-filled souffle that it is, but still, i’m excited. even at wholesale, it’s not a shabby amount. he wants thirty to start, with the possibility of more. i’m quite happy. plus, it’s for a japanese education center right here in ohio! yays! i’ll give out more information after the deal is firm, probably after i finish the commish.

what i can give more info on right now is this: Demian Syndrome! kalendal, the lovely lady who runs (co-runs?) the storm in heaven scanlation group, sent me a little email the other day like, i know you’re working on lunar desert already, but this demian syndrome extra is only 20 ppg and this one is only 6 ppg, so how ’bout? to which i promptly replied, i’ve barely even heard of demian syndrome. so of course, i had to go and read some, and now i’m hooked. the funny thing is, i just got Demian by Herman Hess off of bookmooch. i haven’t started reading it yet, but i feel like i should, just so i can do my absolute best on the manga.

speaking of (damn how many times am i going to use that phrase today?) books, i just finished Shutting Out the Sun by michael zielenziger. i bought it on tuesday, finished it late wednesday. that should probably give you a clue as to how awesome it is. actually, what it really is, is depressing. it’s basically 300 pages about how japan isn’t good at change, and isn’t good at individualism, and isn’t good at large doses of personal responsibility, and how all that is contributing to the downfall of the japanese nation. the entire chapter devoted to suicide rates was especially disheartening. it just makes me want to go to japan even more now. i put down that book desperate to go there. i should say ‘even more’ desperate.

for the moment, though, i’m on a countdown to sverige. i need to sit down and learn some more swedish. i’m not doing too shabby i guess, but i’ve only got three weeks or so to learn basically everything, so it’s going to be close.



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