fact 31 – when it rains…

i need an umbrella. i’ve suddenly got one massive wholesale order and two stamp orders, one of which is fairly large, all at once. not that i’m complaining, mind you. on the contrary, i’m in love. i just wish it wasn’t all happening right before i go to sweden. it’s going to make it very difficult to get it all done before i leave. ah well, i suppose i shouldn’t complain. if i really cared that much, i wouldn’t have just spent an hour watching gackt on youtube. the problem is, he is absolutely hysterical. i wonder if that creepy sort of deadpan humor comes to him naturally, or, as i rather suspect, he cultivated it right alongside the other aspects of his TV personality. not that i mind. either way, he is hysterical. especially given our similar tastes. he was singing parts of the lupin theme song in one clip.

what’s really happy, though, is … I HAVE MY CAMERA BACK! oh yeah~ oh yeah~ oh yeah~ *does a happy dance* i have altered the case so as to avoid any future LCD screen/pokey-bit touchery, as that seems the most likely cause of the incident. and of course, having been sans camera for so many days, the first thing i did was take a bunch of pictures. (^_^) a bunch of crappy pictures, none of which you will ever see. (^^;) what you will be seeing are pictures of my happy new book that i discussed … last time? a few times ago? anyhow, here she is:
as you can see, i’ve already started using it (for translating tsuki no sabaku) and let me tell you: i need more of this paper. even after the coffee staining, the paper takes very well to pens and pencil. especially pencil. and it erases like a charm~ which is very lucky, considering how often i erase. (^^;)

speaking of pens, i was cleaning out my drawer o’ pens the other day – quite full, by the by – and rediscovered a black uni-ball vision elite pen. i’d forgotten how nice these things are to write with. they haven’t got any of those nasty rubbery grippy things that are all the rage these days, they’re just pens. they are apparently formulated not to leak on airplanes, but honestly, i don’t care if they do. i HATE rubbery grippy things. i hate they way they feel, i hate the way they look, i CANNOT STAND the way they interrupt the aesthetic of the writing implement. so i went out and spent $16 on a multi-colored 8-pack of the uni-ball pens. probably a bit rash, but, again, i don’t care. i like them. plus one of them has peacock colored ink. peacock blue, possibly the best color ever invented.

the bigger problem is that i lost my pencil. i had to go out and buy some new ones. it took me two trips to decide. i swear i sat there in the staples aisle for like half an hour trying to find a pencil that didn’t have a nasty rubbery grippy thing on it. i finally gave up and went to target, were i didn’t have much better luck. i ended up with a cheap-o 8-pack of bic disposables. perhaps they’ll sate me until i can find my beloved yellow click pencil. if not, then at leat they haven’t got nasty rubbery grippy things.

ok, enough complaining, back to translating!

… … … …

oh wait, my DS is charging. damns. Eh? What’s that got to do with it? … well, there’s a really surprisingly good japanese dictionary for the DS that i use all the time. it’s got loads of example sentences and entries in both english and japanese, and bunches of idioms and stuff, plus since it’s a DS you enter the kanji by writing them on the screen. i so love it. without it, i can’t proceed, because it takes five years to find any kanji i don’t know by other means. i’d play Lost in Blue 2 in the meanwhile (a game, which, by the by, is incredibly awesome. even more awesome than the first one, really) except it’s also a DS game. damn that electricity and my dependance on it~


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