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if only because i cannot possibly fuck up listening to music. i swear. of all the horrible times to have a string of unlucky days… the craft show is in… 10 days? yes. 10 days. my grand plans of having 100 books by then is basically hopeless, so i’ve given it up in favor of simply producing as much as i can between now and then. the plan is slightly hindered by the fact that i can’t seem to do anything right these days. spines round badly, thread breaks, covers don’t get glued properly. then i jammed my laptop shut and had to take a hacksaw to it. it’s got battle scars now. it’s only a miracle i didn’t puncture my screen. (T_T) i’ve been dropping things all day, i can’t seem to measure properly to save my life, et-clumsy-cetera. last night, i finally gave up and went downstairs to hide under the covers with the raxephon movie. which is weird but not horrible, by the way. i’m kind of afraid to do anything, because i’m sure i’ll f it up. hence my problem, because i have no less than five books in various stages of done-ness, and i’d like to have 10 or 20 more by next saturday. and i STILL haven’t found my red-handled scissors. i feel like all i’m qualified for is ACEOs. and only if they don’t involve glue. last night i glued the paper on a book cover UPSIDE DOWN. (>_<) i can only imagine what horrors i may wreak at choir this evening. in less dire news… the NaNo forums relaunched on schedule. they were and are still slow like nobody’s business, but they are functional. if you’ve ever heard of the written word, why not hop on over and sign up?

also, and i think i’m not alone when i say this, can 0 A.D. just come out already?

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