FACT 51 – NERd

is it possible for me to get any nerdier? i’m thinking… no. in fact, i’m not even sure why anyone would want to…

anyhow. my newest baby is the following:

a 1995 model group 2 Zenith Data Systems Z-Star EX. it shipped probably some time early 1995 and its stats are as follows:

Win 95
Intel 80486DX2 @ 50mhz
20.0 MB ram
340 MB hard drive
2x type II pcmcia slots/1x type III slot
NiHM battery
9.4″ DSTN color screen
3.5″ floppy drive
1x serial port
1x parallel/printer port
1x com port

and a whole lot of other stats i discovered that no one but a NERd would give a rat’s ass about. it had a fax/modem and an ethernet/modem in the pc card slots, but the ethernet card didn’t have its little dongle/adapter thing, so i can’t use it until i find one. the other thing i’m really missing is a cdrom drive. apparently, they make things called “backpack” drives that hook up to the parallel port, which is very very sexy, but i’m currently overdrawn in every way possible, so i can only hope that i will blow away every single person at the craft show and make a bazillion dollars.

in other news, i’ve switched the URL to my YOUkun blog, so if anyone’s having a hard time finding robot clones, it’s here now. please update any bookmarks you may/not have.

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