fact 53 – chocolate

makes everything better, don’t you think? (^_^)

to the left, you will see the collection of books i made for the show on saturday. it’s certainly not the hundred i was hoping for, but with a few others that i hadn’t finished by press time, i’ve got 42 of them. … ironical. mom and i went down to church to borrow a table, but we forgot/didn’t know that the armenians had a gathering in the basement this afternoon, so they were using all the tables. carolyn and i are going to run a test setup this week, to make sure that we have a setup that works and to see how long it’ll take us to set up. the church is going to be open at six am, but i’m doubting we’ll need that long to set up. every moment of sleep is precious, trust me.

in other news, i’ve managed to obtain an ethernet modem that works for my baby zenith. it should be here in a few days. thank the gods for eBay, that’s my mantra. (^_^) also, i think i’ve found a solution for upgrading the poor baby to win 98. first wonderful piece of info – the hard drive has a perfectly normal PATA pin out! i’ve got a USB adaptor for laptop drives (obtained for backup purposes) so i can use that to hook it up to my fancy desktop or my newer laptop, and use the CDROMs associated therewith to upgrade! yays! this may work out after all! … given my history, however, i’m quite likely to end up with a moderately expensive door stop…

speaking of dumbassery… i found a bug on my pants in the car this afternoon and managed to grab the thing before it jumped away, but i clipped all my fingernails off last night, and so i couldn’t squish it. mom suggested flinging it out the window, so i quickly rolled down the window – well, hit the button, she’s got automatic windows – and flug the bug out the window. however, and here’s the dumbassery part, in an effort to prevent the bug from jumping back on me, i started to roll the window back up – WITHOUT TAKING MY ARM BACK IN FIRST. yeah. so now i have nice matching bruises on my right hand from my own stupidity. good to know the universe rewards in kind.

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