FACT 54 – aaand freak out!

and do the chic~

well, maybe not. what i do know is this: i need a very old PCMCIA USB card. this only having a floppy drive thing is obnoxious as hell. i’m trying to install the drivers for my newest piece of heaven (pictured left) but the driver is bigger than will fit on a floppy disc… so i split the file up… except the thing keeps throwing me errors. i could just get the files off the network except oh no, wait, i can’t! because i have to install the drivers for the modem to work! faceplant.

… and now it won’t copy the split files from the floppies. ARG! why couldn’t the damn modem that came with the thing have had it’s adaptor? …time to spend quality time with my old friend MS-DOS i guess… i need a backpack CDrom… let’s everybody pray i make beaucoup bucks at the craft fair tomorrow.

(the inevitable) speaking of which… tomorrow! i’m finally getting excited. it’s kind of nice to be excited about something. i’ve been … pissed off and depressive? yes. since the technical writer episode, and — holy f! something worked! now to install some drivers!!! — anyhow, yes, i’ve been unmotivated and pissed off at the world, plus broke, which is never a good state for me, but i’m kind of looking forward to the show tomorrow. i have to be up ungodly early – setup starts from 6 am, but carolyn and i’ll probably show up about 7 – but still, i’m eager to see what kind of other vendors they got, what kind of customers they’ll attract, and of course, i’m eager to sell some stuff. (^_^) it’s their first ever, so i’m curious to see how it will go. of course, i’d my very first, too, so either it’s going to go just fine, or something going to blow up. yay! i pretty much couldn’t get to sleep last night because i kept thinking of stuff we need to do. course, i am a little ahead of carolyn, at least. she doesn’t even have her displays finished…

… ok, have you seen that that doctor who episode with the weeping angels? there is one of those exact statues in the garden in the house across the street from us. *shutter*

so everyone come to the unity christian church on maize road in columbus ohio and buy some handmade goods!

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