FACT 90 – great day in the mornin’ people!

i am victorious.

those of you expecting the remainder of this post to be about josh lyman, you shall be sorely disappointed.

those of you, however, expecting the remainder of this post to be about my new baby, shall be rewarded!

here she is next to The Behemouth, as i now call my original. i’ve been transferring over files for about six hours now, so it’s starting to feel like a real computer. IT’S JUST SO CUTE!!! … okay.

here follows my I’ve Owned it Six Hours review:

this shiny surface? waaay too shiny.

the white lines are my own doing, but you can see the UBER shiny-ness anyway. that’s my ikea lamp that hangs right above the desk that you see reflected there.

what are those little white lines for, you ask?

those creepy little orange and grey squares are vinyl squares, cut from larger vinyl squares, purchased at DickBlick’s down the road a bit. they are adhesive, and they are soon to be adhered to the shiny surface, w/in those little white lines. pics later.

oh yeah, i was kind of going to review it or something, huh. (^_^) well, the keyboard is plenty big for me (smallish hands, though, i guess), the fanciest application evar (keytweak) took swift care of the right shift/up arrow problem, the screen is really shockingly bright, and i even got audio-surf to play on it. i’ve got the windows 1000H, and i’m pretty much just biding time until ubuntu-eee comes out so i can install that thing. i have to keep at least a little windows, though, audio-surf doesn’t look so great w/ WINE. or rather, Wine.

so overall, lovely. the screen is going to take some getting used to (my old one was something like 14″ screen) but other than that, it’s perfect. i seriously can’t wait to whip it out in the middle of class and start taking some mad notes w/ this biotch! (^^;)

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