It Happened at the Table

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Cabbage Rolls and Sketch Pads
I can make someone’s life just a little bit happier

How About Some Sweet Fritters
It’s because we’re so different that we make a good team

Along the Road to Dewa
Frustration, or, The Wall You Build Around Yourself

Explore New Territory!
A pro always puts himself in sticky situations.

The Farewell Wristwatch
What makes it hospitality is eyes that can see into the heart.

Can I Get a Margarita?
Even hearts that are shut tight can be opened with a warm breeze

How to Eat Tonkatsu with Tea-rice
No matter how badly you lose, you’re not a loser

Shingo’s Father
Trusting someone else means improving yourself

A Table for Two
Warm memories remain in places where people gather

In Place of an Afterword

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