It Happened at the Table – notes and credits

With the Cooperation of:

create restaurants public corporation / Established 1999. Publisher of “Multi-brand, multi-location Strategy,” create restaurants develops and expands various food courts and restaurants, and achieved 100 member stores in 2004, 200 stores in 2005, and 300 in 2006. In 2005, they were entrusted with the eight-booth food court at the 2005 Japan International Fair (love-earth exhibition). That same year, they were listed on the Tokyo Mothers Stock Exchange. [1] In 2007, they established a joint venture with Kissho, called “create kissho” and in 2008 they created a joint venture with the Shanghai Yuyuan Tourist Mart. [2] As of this writing, in February of 2008, there are 361 member shops, across over 109 brands.

Marche du Metro Ometesando
Jean Francois Omotesando
Garden Marche Yokohama World Porters
Harvest Aeon Akita
Kichiza Shinjuku Island Tower
New York Grand Kitchen Yokohama
Tonkatsu Shinjuku Suzuya Mosaic Dining Shijou Kawara-machi
Kioi-chou Juunian
TUKIJI Roppongi
and others

in collaboration with

Chapter 1 “Cabbage Rolls and Sketch Pads”
Eri Oe / Mariko Minagawa

Chapter 2 “How About Some Sweet Fritters”
Nobuaki Koneko / Ekanayake-Mucliyanselage-Aruni-Deepika

Chapter 3 “Going to Dewakara”
Kensuke Umetsu

Chapter 4 “Explore New Territory!”
Michio Yamazaki

Chapter 5 “The Farewell Wristwatch”
Hisakatsu Takemoto

Chapter 6 “Can I Get a Margarita?”
Mayumi Terada

Chapter 7 “How to Eat Tonkatsu with Tea-rice”
Shōji Kashiwagi

Chapter 8 “Shingo’s Father”
Katsuhiro Onudzuka

Chapter 9 “A Table for Two”
Hidetaka Suzuki

Jirō Uematsu

Born in Hyougo Prefecture, Kobe City. Graduated from Waseda University. Went into business for himself after a tour of duty at an advertising firm. Author of short stories, essays, and travel journals, among other things. Won the 40th Everyday Children’s Literature Award with “Pen Friends” (Douwaya), a story about the bravery of young and old alike. Also won the 12th Oda Sakunosuke Award with “Springtime Bellyroll” (Kansai Shoin), written in a tender literary style. His other works include “Substitute Sunday” (Douwaya), “6th Omnibus Mystery Anthology” (Tokyo Sogensha), “The People’s Racetrack” (NHK Publishing), “70 Siblings” “A Fist to the Sky” (KOSEI publishing), and “The Wisdom of Aesop” (SEIBIDO SHUPPAN).

Restaurant Short Story Collection
It happened at the table

2008 Oct 28 First Printing

[1 – a special exchange for high-tech and emerging stocks]

[2 – i have to apologize, they gave the name of the joint venture, but they gave it in Chinese, and my google-fu wasn’t quite up to the task.]

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