FACT 89 – maybe if i hit the refresh button ONE MORE TIME

we’ve all been there. you order your latest toy, that thing you’ve always wanted, that awesome piece of electronics that JUST came out and YOU CAN’T WAIT to get your hot little hands on it. so you order the thing. finally, you’ve bought it. you will be getting it. in the mail. after UPS ships it to you. so you get the tracking number, you go to see where it is…

and you spend the next five years hitting the refresh button. (T_T)

as if the UPS dude will psychically get your Eager waves and put the box on a truck that much faster. (X_X)

so you distract yourself. you watch the olympics, you make some books, you take a shower. you go to the grocery store. that one’s a good hour or so. well, the package has arrived in the right city, at least. your binding styles become progressively more complicated. you close the freaking browser window. you watch synchronized swimming. repeat AD NAUSEUM.

not that synchronized swimming isn’t awesome. not that i didn’t need a shower. in fact, not that i didn’t need groceries. all i’m saying is, CAN I JUST GET MY LAPTOP ALREADY!!!!!

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