FACT 91 – mobiboc

because i really can’t be NERdy enough. i’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the ubiquitus (at least in Japan) QRcode, but they are another form of barcode, in this case, cell-phone readable. most every phone in japan comes with a QRcode decoder, which allows you to take a picture of a QRcode, such as is to the left, and resolve it into (usually) a URL, a site which you can then visit on the go. mobile traffic in japan is huge, much more so than here in the states, where the idea of being instantly wired into the vast intertubes hasn’t quite hit the national subconcious yet, but i understand that, shall we say, “housebroken” iPhones and various nokia phones currently have this capability. someone on etsy is currently selling patterns if you’d like to stitch your own, but if you’d much rather just get a finished product, drop me a line via today’s comment box, and i’ll whip one up for you. you’ll receive a completed needlepoint badge, about 2.5 inches square (~6.5 cm) ready to be sewn onto whatever you’d like. the materials don’t cost much, but between making the pattern and sewing them, they do take a good couple of hours, so they’ll be going for $10 per, that includes domestic (USA) shipping. for international orders, just let me know your country and i’ll email you a shipping quote.

incidentally, the one in the picture says http://www.notuboc.com and will soon be attached to the needlepoint bookbag i’m making. pictures of that to follow, i’m sure.

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