well, folks, it’s about that time of year again, that time when meredeth has exhausted the joys of rediscovering the shower, when meredeth has gotten over the thrill of non-microwaved dinners, when meredeth is done watching every movie she wanted to watch during November but couldn’t. in other words, that time when meredeth starts to miss writing.

so i’m editing. (^_^)

this actually has two purposes. a, it keeps me acquainted with a work that really shouldn’t have existed in the first place, and b, it may help me win a contest! as for a, those of you who witness the horror of satan’s introductory video will no doubt remember my original plan of novelizing Samurai Jack. well, as per the NaNo norm, i ended up completely changing my mind about half an hour into day one, through out all my hard pre-writing work, and moved on with a short story idea that had been chilling in my files for some number of years. well, that short story actually went on for 51919 words, so i think it falls firmly outside the realm of short story now. the ironic thing is that this is the first time i’ve actually done all of NaNo on one story, AND w/out padding. i actually wrote, and i didn’t pad. actually, i didn’t pad at all. i started out thinking, i have absolutely no hope of winning, so if i end up writing a couple of short stories, i can call myself a success, but instead i end up writing the whole thing on one actual story. i? am flabbergasted. this story? shouldn’t even exist. i wasn’t even going to write it, and then it was going to be a short story, and then, while i wasn’t looking, it went and turned into a novel. (^_^)

as for the contest, i think i probably haven’t got much of a chance of finishing my editing by the dec 31er deadline, let alone winning the thing, but then again, i figured this was going to be the year i failed at NaNo. so i’m sucking it up and embarking upon my first serious editing job. now, of course, i’ve “edited” before, but this has usually been for workshopping classes, or for deviantART presentability, perhaps not the most stringent standards in the world, shall we say. this time i’m out to win a contest. as you can see, i’m having a wonderful start of it…

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