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well, blogosphere, it’s been a crappy day here in yatsu-land, but i’ve been attempting to compensate by doing what i do usually when i don’t want to or can’t trust myself to do anything else: i’ve been Solving Problems. actually, i’ve also been cleaning and reading the internets, and it is upon this last topic that i would like to first dissert.

i first heard about authonomy on the NaNo forums, and i sort of sidled over to check them out. i don’t know. i can’t quite get myself excited about things like this. i’m not a big social networker (i hardly even touch my facebook page, i just got a twitter account, like three weeks ago…) and i don’t go on forums, basically at all. i guess my problem is that given my relatively non-existant networking skills and my, frankly, loathing of protracted Discussions, i have what i would consider to be a chance roughly equivalent to that of suddenly being promoted from peon to CEO. of course it doesn’t help that i write generally fantasy and magical realism, the first genre being so reputed for having high crap/readable ratios and the second genre being so off-kilter that hardly anyone reads it. i certainly feel like i’d like to participate, i think i probably will end up putting some stuff up there, but i’ve noticed a certain, shall we say, indie streak in myself, and if you combine that with my suspicions of general popularity contests, i’m not really holding out a ton of hope. it seems like you’d need to have a fairly well established base of people who already either liked your work or who knew you AND who were willing to hop onto this site to rate your work, OR you’d have to spend a lot a lot of time on the forums building relationships and getting people to read your stuff and reading theirs in the blind hope that one of them might read your stuff back. … of course, i suppose it’s easy enough for me to say all this, from high atop my “i have a workshopping class next quarter and one again a few quarters after that” high horse.

topic number two, cleaning, is not really something i normally like to talk about, let alone do, but the fact is, i have a 1 GB iPod shuffle not doing anything, and i’d like to sell it, but i can’t find the box. i know i kept it (i keep all my packaging, i’m a FREAK) but it’s fairly small, and of course it’s clear, and of course i only have about FIVE TONS of other computer/gadget packaging lying about this place, so it’s not precisely the easiest find.

incidentally, i’m browsing through the fantasy section, and i’m starting to think i’m not even in the right section. does every other story really have to be about vampires? i mean, really?

topic number three, of course, was the one i started out talking about, and so it’s the one i shall end with, mostly because i like Solving Problems. i’ve been editing The Bells, my NaNo 08 effort, in an effort to get it out in time to be considered for the textnovel contest. i think i mentioned that already. anyhow, i’ve started off by solidifying the plot, an action that desperately needed actioned, as i wrote the thing sans outline, sans idea, indeed sans any plan of any kind. i’ve been using this program called FreeMind … um … hold on, let me find the link … ah, here we go. FreeMind. it’s like those diagrams with circles and lines and stuff that you used to do in high school, or that maybe you still do in preperation for boring business presentations. at first i was like, yeah right. but of course now, i’m fairly hooked. i like the ability to add nodes wherever i want, i like the ability to move them around, i really really like the ability to export as about fifty bazillion different things, not the least of which is the jpg you see to your left. (^_^)

did i have a point today? meh.

(today’s post brought to you by of course, of course)

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