NaNo 08 – FIN!

that’s right ladies and gentlemen, your beloved writer passed into that glorious land known as winnersvillle late last night. 50083 words flashed up on the screen and giant pictures of viking ships sailed forth. but, alas, the job was not quite finished. no, wonderful audience, the story was not yet finished, the conclusion had yet to be written.

so i wrote the damn thing. lord, this high style is exhausting, and i really don’t have time for it. i’ve got a paper to write, i’ve got this story to edit, i have at least two short stories to write up for next quarter, AND i’ve got some twenty four blog entries to write up for the BESTbooks blog. not to even mention the craft projects i’ve got going on. and the fact that i have yet to really do any research for this paper WHICH IS DUE WEDNESDAY. so for the moment, i’m off to the library.

i just wanted to brag about finishing. finally. and with the same plot that i started off with way back on the first.

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