FACT 108 – NaNo 07

no, you didn’t mis-read, and no, i didn’t mis-type. that says 07. for the past couple of years, lulu.com has been stepping up to the plate to offer all the winners free copies of their winning novels. last year, lulu didn’t do that, and this year, amazon’s little CreateSpace venture decided they’d step up and offer the free copies, both for this year’s winners AND last year’s winners. YAYS~ i’m also entering my 2008 effort in a contest over on textnovel, and since i have such a looming deadline for that one, i decided to finish editing my 2007 effort and submit that.


well, i’ve just finished editing the thing, and i have to say, it’s a lovely feeling when you read something you’ve written some number of months ago, and you get to realize that it didn’t suck nearly as bad as you thought it did. (^_^) i’ll be posting some sample chapters here in a few moments, probably the King James version, and maybe the pig latin version, but i just wanted to say, NaNo ROCKS!

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