i’m pretty much on a role today. i was suppose to meet my friend for her book consult (^_^) this afternoon (yes, the one that i had to take a photo of the other day as she walked past – it’ll probably last longer) but that didn’t turn out to happen, so instead i wrapped christmas presents. the one to your left is carolyn’s present. the one below is for my other sister. guess what her name is…

the pink didn’t really come out, but her theme this year is PINK. i’d tell you what pink thing i got her, but she knows my blog-a-blog’s URL, so you’ll just have to sit in suspense. (^_^)

i also finished a whole huge batch of books for when my day of the BESTbook Salestravaganza comes along. i’ll be having a buy one/get one sale on my candy box books and other non-traditional books, so i’m stocking up. i’ve got a slew of books made from lindt chocolate bar wrappers and i just finished a trio of books made from chipotle menus (they’re Awesomeness by the by) and i’m going out to get a batch of mentos tomorrow for a new round of mento books. i’ve also got about a dozen other candy boxes sitting in my pending drawer (that’s right, drawer) waiting to be made, so i’ll be pretty stocked up. those mentos books are always a big hit, so i’m hoping to make out like a bandit. (^_^)

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