FACT 171 – my fingers is mush

well, i’ve just written a little over 2200 words in almost two hours, and that’s pretty near to my story-writing peak, so i don’t know precisely why i thought now would be a great time for a blog entry, but here i am anyway. things i know now that i didn’t know yesterday: 1) my main character’s parents, mostly his mother, are real jerks. his dad is just a guy trying to do the right thing in a really difficult position, but his mom is a full-fledged douche. 2) an interrogator who’s genuinely friendly is actually way creepier than an interrogator who’s genuinely mean. 3) after you’ve seen Ghost in the Shell, any government tower is automatically the Ministry of Health Towers. i now also look forward to a writing session in which i sleep deprive my character, harrass him for something he didn’t do, accuse him of sassing a government official, probably threaten him with bodily harm if he doesn’t confess (to this thing he didn’t do) and then later on, there’ll be a writing session where i get to blow up a car and rescue the poor sleep-deprived chap from a fate worse than (or actually no, just) death. i can’t /wait/ to see the look on his face when he sees who’s gonna rescue him! that’s gonna be awesome! (^_^)-b ~meredeth. .

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