FACT 170 – mah brains is mush

but i’m ahead on my word count goal, and let’s be frank, in November, that’s all we care about. i could be a slimey gooey mass of slimey goo on the floor, but as long as i can still press the letters on my typewriter in some relatively coherent order, IT’S ALL GOOD. (^_^)-b and i’m gonna give my brother a little plug here, coz he’s doing a fancy Xwhatever in 30 days, too, namely 30 characters in 30 days. he’s here: http://www.30characters.com/author/cactuarjoe/. his day 1 was andrew jackson, and his day 2 was ada lovelace. he’s dressing up famous people as Final Fantasy/D&D/etc classes, and i think they’re super awesome, so obviously, you should go check it out. FTW, yo! also, about my typewriter, i wanted to share here what i did for an output containment device. as i said, i’m typing the whole 50k words up on my electric brother, and i can only write on thermal fax paper, which comes in 98 foot rolls. well, that’s not precisely conducive to a lack of clutter (trust me, i’ve got enough clutter around here, and it’s only the 2nd) and so i whipped a little something up from masking tape and bendy straws:

IT’S SO AWESOME I CAN’T TAKE IT! (^___^) okay, a smilie with that wide of a mouth is a sure sign that my mind is broken. also, i just realized that my typewriter’s name should be: The Electric Brother. i’m going to bed now. good thing i made tomorrow’s lunch while my mind was still not-broken, coz otherwise i’d end up eating something strange tomorrow, like, whatever strange thing i have in this house. (not much actually. i guess i only eat normal food… huh.) BROKEN. .

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