FACT 172 – a criminal mind

I BLEW UP A CAR! and then i killed a dude! and then i ran away through the forest, and i have JUST NOW emerged from a creepy underground escape tunnel! I WIN! for NaNo, i swear. (^_^) the problem now is that we’ve gotten to that scary part of all novels: the middle. i seem to have a serious problem filling up the middles of my stories. i am, frankly, awesome (okay, fine, merely “great”) at setting up initial problems. i can sure get my characters up a tree, and i’ve even managed to find a few rocks to toss at their heads. i’ve been alright with the rocks in the past, but i’ve been training, and this year, i seem to have figured out how to take aim right at their faces and hit em straight in the eyeball. (ouch!) but now it’s time for my characters to start showing some initiative, to try fighting back, to maybe, possibly, take a modicum of control over the outcome of their own destinies? wouldn’t that be nice? yeah? but they won’t do it. dude is hunted down by his own government, reunited with his best friend (thought missing, probably dead), all but thrown off a bridge by/with that friend and then they scurry down a underground hidey-tunnel (yes, “hidey-tunnel,” IT’S NOVEMBER OKAY) like little rats, AND HE JUST SITS THERE. at least his friend had the decency to clue me in as to what the hell the government’s been doing behind closed doors all this time. now if only GE would get up off his semi-albino /ass/ and try doing something, that would really help me out. after all, i’ve got just over 25 thousand more words to right, you know. or maybe he wants a few more rocks. .

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