Screnzy 09, Day 17 – from the goal list

one goal down, about fifty thousand to go… things to Finish: college – still on schedule! still issues with the accounts receivable department (er, ! i guess) – english 565 (workshop II) | done! – anthropology 597 | right on target. turned in abstract on time, signed up for a presentation date next month. – summer/fall classes | deadline to turn in story for entrance into fiction workshop for the fall is the first week of may, so i need to get on that, but other than than, i just need to pay the bloody college on time, and pick a class from the english dept’s offerings at random for the summer~ bills (this one’ll be big (T_T) ) – mastercard (hereafter known as The Rape Lady) | second-to-last payment made today!!! – discovercard | probably should call them at some point before they sue me… (T_T) – car! | 6 payments left! (smart car will still be yellow and black with little stripes!) – tuition payments (ouch) | a little late, but nothing to get overly concerned about. still ouch, though. crafts – replica of the national treasure 2 president’s book for my fav customer in the UK | binding structure GOT, some inserts GOT, more inserts to get, and some cheap leather to pick up at the thrift store this weekend. – 20 books made for a church choir outing this weekend. can’t wait to see people’s reactions~ – cleaning up my craft space? | despite my best intentions, this did happen. a little bit anyway. got more storage, organized a bit. actually, i like it. i need a dedicated space. that would make me very happy. moving out in 2010 still set, i got the other set of legs for my desk, so i’m pretty sure i don’t need anything else for my apartment besides groceries and things i can’t actually buy too far ahead of moving in. some pots and pans, i guess. things are heating up at work. i had some training for that culinary group i mentioned last time, so now i know what i’ve gotten myself into at least… (T_T) it’s pretty much like, no one really understands the rules, no one knows who to refer the cases to for some kind of actual medical review, and the rules themselves are either a) non-existant, b) contradictory, or c) hideously unclear. since i’m the callback staff, i.e. i’m the one who’s going to have to figure this stuff out, i’ve decided to take it upon myself to read every rule at least once. i copied a bunch of em into a file for my later perusal, and i shall be perusing them this weekend. we were supposed to have a training session today all together, but that didn’t happen because one of our girls was out, so i just got the training specific for my job. which is fine, i think we have a good basic idea of how things are supposed to go, i guess i’m just worried because i found out a big thing this afternoon about which nurses we’re supposed to be transferring people to, i.e. i found out that i’ve been doing it wrong for about a month now and no one has bothered to tell me, and so i’m kind of wondering what other things i’ve been doing completely wrong. I DON’T LIKE WRONG. and pardon me for being anal, but i am of the opinion that one should not have to look at two different pieces of paper in addition to the system itself to be able to tell someone if it requires certification and which nurse it should go to. this is a rule-based system, people, the rules should tell us. not that people don’t already know that. not that people aren’t already in the process of fixing that. i’m just impatient. and uppity. i want things done, and i want them done now, and i want them done right. ok, you know i’m reading these rules, and what i’m discovering is this very VERY disturbing trend: if you sit down and read the rules, they make sense. … well, for the most part. some of them are confusing, but overall, most of them make a fair amount of sense. what i’m saying is, i would have liked permission to stop taking calls for a couple hours so that i might familiarize myself with the rules of my own bloody job AT SOME POINT BEFORE I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO THAT JOB. yeah. this post brought to you by DOOO IIIT! .

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