Screnzy 09, Day 28 – super lose

technically, i probably have no business filing this under Screnzy 09, since i’m 17 pages in, and don’t expect to progress any further. i feel like every other moment of my life is complaining that school doesn’t leave me with any time to do anything, but a) it really doesn’t, and b) i’m a prose writer, not a doctor, jim– er, i mean, not a script writer. nanowrimo? won. four times in a row now. script frenzy? lost. three years in a row now. last year? i didn’t even start, that’s how much i lost. (T_T) BUT! all is not lost. i have a seriously rockin’ idea, and i do plan on finishing the screen play, despite my super lose. i’m writing a fake documentary about the first people to build an android so human-like that he fools the world, and the emotional/ethic aftermath thereof. and i’ve also decided that i could do a companion novel for NaNo! many documentaries have companion novels and vice versa, so in this way, Screnzy was warm-up/planning for NaNo~ yeah. (T_T) in other news, australia loves me. (^_^) well, not the whole of australia, that’s a large continent, and much of it is only inhabited by kangaroos and … dingos? mammals that i have yet to conquer with my unimaginable wit and dangerous intellect anyway. (wow i’m in rare form this evening, ne? i’d tell you all about how mussled my sleep schedule is right now, but frankly, the internet’s not that big.) anyhow. this morning on my way to class, i got the nicest email from a lady in australia about how useful (and hysterical!) she found my temari tutorial on da! (p.s.? that thing is freaking LONG! i just re-read it, and i’d like to say a) it takes a good 45 minutes just to read the thing, nevermind reading it while actually doing it, and b) i must have been in a super good mood when i wrote that thing. i need to do more of those.) p.s. the brandenburg concerto has a super cute oboe part. .

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