Screnzy 09, Day 15 – Culinary Call Backs

as in checking up for information about the medical procedures of the employees of the culinary, food and commercial workers in las vegas, not as in telephoning your dinner. for most of you, the fact that i will be doing call backs, now, in an exclusive little culinary specialty group, will mean a) my work hours will be changing, b) a 50 cent/per hour raise, and probably c) nothing whatsoever. for the rest of you, thank you for your kind thoughts as we embark upon this long-overdue move. i get to work 2 – 8 daily now, which may seem like wtf to some of you, but for me and my super-evil class schedule in the coming quarters, these are the perfect hours. in other news, adam savage has a twitter. you know you want to. in still other news… … man i’m scatterbrained tonight. it’s probably all this WORK i’ve been doing. the bookblocks-to-be in that photo are set to become just some of twenty books i need to have done by saturday morning. so basically, by friday evening. nearly the entirety of my church choir will be headed out to various thrift shops this weekend as a social gathering/excuse to goof off type of thing (we’re episcopalians, its okay) and i’m making books for everybody, like a party favor. i’m sure i’ll have hideous demise photos of, say, my thumb, after they’re done. or my back. speaking of overdue, which, no, we haven’t been in a while, but oh well, did you ever notice how all my screnzy posts are about things other than screnzy? and now it’s time for cookies. no-bake oatmeal cookies. crack, in cookie form. (^_^) ,

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