FACT 112 – tuesday the thirteenth

alright, well, i finally found a layout that doesn’t make me want to hurl my guts, so this’ll have to do while i learn the new templating engine. i really need to find out how to get two blogs on one server (i’ve got a forum post open in another tab as we speak) so i can have a testing blog. then i’ll get this one in shape, then i’ll think about porting my YOUkun blog over to this setup. then i can add Serendipity to the ever-growing list of blogging template engines i am fluent in. the other thing i’d like to touch upon today is my story. i turned in INITIAL STATIC this afternoon for my class to read. a) i’m the only story today, so thursday will be taken up mostly by people discussing how much i suck (^_^) and b) as we were talking about today’s stories, i’m sitting there thinking, … that is exactly what’s wrong with my story. like … exactly. (T_T) prof abbott was like, “and for thursday we’ve got meredeth’s story…” and i’m like, “can i have a redo so i can go fix all of the things i now know are wrong with my story?” (^^;) yeah, not so much. (T_T) so i had to turn it in (after last night’s printing FIASCO – let’s just say that duplex printing is not for the faint of heart) and on thursday i’ll have to hear the things that i know i’m going to hear about it, but i guess oh well. that’s what i signed up for workshop for – to get an idea of how to fix my stories. this is only my first story anyway, so i can do better next time. i don’t have to turn that one in until the last week of class, so i’ll be fine. in other news, i’ve got a bunch of pictures from my cell phone that i’ve been meaning to upload for a while, so here goes. FOTODUMP! my mother and i were On A Mission at the grocery one night (ice cream and cat litter, trust me, Mission) and we found the following displayed at the head of the ice cream aisle: now, a) the placement of toilet paper pretty much in the ice cream aisle says something about the american eating habit that i’m really not interesting in exploring thank you very much, and b) is there really anyone who looks at snowflake-emblazoned toilet tissue and thinks to themselves, “now THAT is what i have to have!” … i mean, really? … okay, on second thought, if there is someone like that, i’m not interested in exploring that either. item number two was discovered whilst christmas shopping with my brother. i told you they were old. because otherwise you’ll be walking into a lot of walls. i swear i almost bought it i thought it was so funny. we moved our cubicles around about two months ago, and when it was done, i found this label on my PC tower. i’m wondering … how did they know? (^_^) in other other news, i spent my morning getting my tire fixed. some of you may remember several months back when i COMPLETELY JACKED UP MY RIM by driving over a kerb. well, finally, at long last, eventually, by some means (otherwise known as my sister) i got some money together and got my damn tire fixed. the dude at the wheel-fixing place (Tire Medic by the by, if you’re in columbus) was super nice. he ended up saving me ~ $45 bucks. i told him i was going to get new tires, and he saved me about $15 by not bothering to put the tire back on the wheel. he was about to find a new wheel, if he could get it maybe a little cheaper, but it would have taken too long, so he just ended up fixing the one i had already. then he plopped it in my trunk and i went to get a new tire. well, used, but new to me. the dude who ran the tire place was super polite. i don’t think the building actually had heat, but he let me stay in his office with the little space heater while he did my tires. he took less than half an hour. i swear i spent more time traveling from one place to the next than i actually did at the places. he also had al jazeera on in his office. he changed it to the american al jazzeera so i could watch it. it was nice, actually. everybody was speaking british, so it was a nice accent parade for me. it was super super cold there, though. i could hardly feel my toes by the time it was done. then i drove home, and i was like, JEEZ! this car does drive straight after all! (^^;) my car feels like a whole new car, i swear. today’s post brought to you by a) letters and b) parentases. i swear.

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