FACT 113 – pansy

this is how i spent my night. (^_^) well, it was dear gregory’s last day at work (the pansy quit in favor of a job with actual sense and a regular pay scale, silly man) so we went out after work and had A Drink. first off, it was super funny, because he asked me about three different times if i was going, so obviously he was quite afraid that i wouldn’t be there. (^_^) then when i actually showed up (about an hour and a half late, but i had to work) he kept making efforts to engage me in the conversation. now, i don’t know how many of you out there know me, i’m assuming it’s not many, but i am, shall we say, NOT a social person? yeah, let’s go with that explaination. it is a monumental task to get me involved in a conversation, let alone one in which i know precisely two out of ~8 people, let ALONE one that takes place in a bar. yeah. it was an uphill battle, i’m sure, but gregory is both stubborn AND kind, so he kept trying. he took pictures with every single person there (exept me, of course, coz i skipped out like a person who skips out) and at one point, he gets his phone and he’s like, what’s your number? and so i plug it in, and then i started a new entry for his number, and they’d just been joking about his gayness (which sounds like royalty if you think about it, His Gayness) so now in my contacts list he’s under Pansy. it was going to be ho-bag, but i like pansy a lot better. (^_^) anyway, the other thing that happened this week was actually last yesterday, in the mail. I GOT MY NaNo 07 NOVEL! yaaays~ i don’t have any pictures of it because it didn’t come out right. the cover actually looks GORGEOUS – great colors, nice and shiny, feels great! – and the paper and the printing job thereon is also lovely, looks very good and professional, but there must have been something wrong with the pdf that i uploaded. the main font must not have been embedded properly because the inside text didn’t print properly. it was supposed to print in garamond, but instead i’ve ended up w/ some stupid sans-serif thing. BAD! so i’ll get that fixed and then i’ll post all about it, trust me!

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