FACT 111 – famous last words

you know when i said that i wouldn’t be posting again until the status report on thursday’s critique? … yeah. as you can see, i figured out serendipity’s blogger import thing. the date stamp didn’t transfer over properly (even though, ironically, the time stamp did) so thing’s’ll be a tad out of order for a while. also i’m still working on my template, so that’ll have to wait. i’m seriously considering putting my YOUkun blog over here, too. the template i’m using right now actually sort of looks like his current site, and i think the backend is much nicer than blogger’s. no offence google, i’m still your girl. (^_^) anyhow, please bear with until i get things straightened out, and i promise i’ll fix it up as soon as possible. soonest, as the entire OSU english department is apparently fond of saying.

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