FACT 6 – damn pacing

i have only 8 days to finish editing my NaNo novel if i want to upload it to LuLu.com for a free copy. —

… uh, not to sound alarmist, but should the furnace really be ticking like that? …

— which i do. it was going well until i realized that i completely neglected to write day one of the three-day final battle. i got up to that chapter and saw [insert day one battle here.] and then i cursed humanity. it wouldn’t be so bad, i suppose, if i actually had some idea of what the bejeezus happened during that first day. but instead, this is what i know:

King Edgar’s forces (that’s the good guys) were overwhelmed by Emperor Burghart’s forces (the bad guys) and pushed back.

yeah, basically.

in other, more important news, this. that’s right, Death-as-Santa, ponder stibbons, archchancellor ridcully, susan, hex, AN ASSASSIN NAMED TEATIME! they’re all there. of course, already shown in britain (damn brits!) but comes out on DVD at easter. between this and doctor who, i’m going to have to get a region free DVD player. bye-bye money, bye-bye!


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