fact 7 – bork causality

well, my template was a little borked, so i’ve taken it back to the shop for some body work. i’ve at least figured out that what i want to do is possible, now it’s just a matter of discovering which piece of code i wrote is causing the borking and getting rid of said code snippet. in other news, i put something new up on etsy. sorry for the screaming large picture. this is what broke the drill bit. it’s a collection of 16 small (3 1/4 inch square) books, all done in coordinating covers and the same binding. the insides are scattered though, some are heavy sketch paper, some are newsprint, some are lined paper, so it’s perfect for someone who never knows what kind of paper they’re going to need, i guess. really, it’s more of an art/concept piece than an i-think-someone-will-actually-write-in-this piece, but… meh. it’s cool, it’s US$15, and you can find it … here.

in other news, i’m feeling chatty tonight… can you tell? (¬.¬) i’ve been working on YOU-kun’s journal all night, and he always does this to me. turns out he was gone the past two days because he went snowboarding. “with satan” he says. i think he’s talking about the big G. he is kind of satan-like. … … …

anyhow. i really am translating stuff, i’m just so behind that it doesn’t seem like any work’s actually being done. (T_T) also, it turns out people have me linked as THE english translation of YOU’s diary. … … … guess i better hurry up and learn what i’m doing, huh? (^_-) actually, i’m stuck on a little phrase in entry #182, which is all about buying DVDs versus renting them. i’m certain (read: praying) that google will help me.

other things on my docket include, but are not limited to:

pimping my etsy shop
pimping my website
figuring out w.t.F. 身として means
giving my NaNo novel a good going over w/ an Anti-Stoopid stick so i can upload it to lulu.com (deadline = wednesday!)
finding a job and/or getting back into college so’s i can get my own apartment before one of the five other people and/or three other cats in this house gets stabbed.

stabbage. like cabbage, only sharper.


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