fact 5 – new digs

how do you like ’em? it took me bloody long enough to code the place, but it looks alright now. at least well enough that i don’t feel embarrassed to link this place up to my main site.

in today’s other news, i broke the drill bit. i wish i’d’ve gotten a picture of it, because that thing was snapped. in. half. it really sucked, too. i was four books away from drilling out all the holes in a series of books i will be making. they all have corresponding covers, mostly in a black, red, and tan vein, and they will be very cool. but then the damn drill bit broke and ruined four of them. i only hope i’m not out of paper on any of those four. i’ve got an uber limited supply of the cover pages for these things. i suppose i should look, but i’m too afraid. (@_@)

… man, i was just looking at some of my old translations from YOU-kun’s diary … i need to get back to that thing. also, i was peeking at yoshiki’s livejournal … which i can’t find the link for any more. what i’m actually wondering is this: how is it that they can all be CUTE! could they stop that please? i have things to do besides sit around reading the blogs of adorable little japanese guys WHOM I WILL NEVER MEET! …


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