FACT 10 – job title

is there anything more obnoxious than resumes? i’m a young, attractive woman, and i come w/ my own computer, can’t they just take me at my word and hire me? … … … yeah, basically. the problem here is that i need an apartment, but i need a better job to get one. my current job isn’t hideous, in fact if not for personal issues w/ my boss, something there’s bound to be in every job on the planet, it’s not a bad job at all. it’s just boring. i’d like something where i’m not stuck doing the same things w/ the same people all the time. looking back at my job history, as one is wont to do when one fabricates a resume, i’ve never stayed at a job longer than two years. in fact, it’s just over two years at my current place now, and i’m looking to move up. as a teenager, two years in one job was a mark of stability, but as i get older, two years seems less and less like an accomplishment, and more like a black mark on my record. the real problem, i suppose, is that i’m not yet certain of which path i’d like to take with my life, and the ones that look best to me now i’m not yet qualified for. now, i realise i’m only 25, and in the grand scheme of things, i’ve still got plenty of time, but i’ve never been a particularly patient person, and i’m downright rude to myself. i’ve never been able to do things fast enough or good enough for me, and while it has created some wonderful successes, it’s usually only succeeded in frusterating me w/out any real throughput to show for all the effort.

case in point, my resume. there has only ever been one job that i applied for and didn’t get, and that was because i turned it down. i’ve only been laid off once, right after 9/11, and the company folded soon thereafter. i’ve only ever quit once, and that was because there were multiple animals and their urine running around my place of employment. in short, if i go for a job, it is more likely than not that i will get it. despite the fact that i know this, i’ve spent the evening ruminating over my (admitedly less than stellar) resume, being nervous about calling my prospective employer (this one is especially stupid considering that she’s a friend of the family), and finally putting said call off due to being too afraid to actually try to change my situation. instead, i think i’ll just whine about it a little more. because that always seems to help. (9_9)


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