FACT 9 – yes, yes, i know

… i said i was going to put up some preview chapters of my nano novel. indeed i was going to. but then i got involved in YET ANOTHER translation project, and got distracted. i’m here to tell you i’ve put it on my To Do list and so one day it will get done. … … yeah, don’t hold your breath. i choose not to be responsible for any deaths that may occur. (^^;)

i did put some things up on etsy. three somethings to be exact. the problem is that my current notuboc site is basically a place holder. it’s pretty, and it’s got lots of nice pictures, but if you want to buy something, it takes you over to etsy. now, i lurv etsy, and they’re hawt, but i’d prefer it if my site had a shopping cart, for purposes of looking professional if nothing else. plus, i think some people are put off by the idea of having to go to a whole other site to buy someone’s product. i know i would be. i’ve started setting up a paypal shopping cart once or twice, but i’ve got 50 products, so it’s not going to be a terribly speedy process. i did get that next keith smith book (i hope) i mentioned. turns out it wasn’t the one i wanted. i bought vol 2, what i wanted was volume 1. still, vol 2 is awesome. look for bindings from that book in upcoming weeks.

in other news, for those of you that care, details (what little there is to be had at this point) of my new translation project can be found here. i’m translating a manga called warawanai ningyo for/with them. it’s an anthology of mildly yaoi manga by a woman (pseudo?)named Ichiko Ima. the first story, the title story, starts out something like this: “My uncle bought a house with a specially attached pool in a seaside town, and kept a mermaid there.” (zomg it just took me life five minutes to write that one sentence because i couldn’t decide exactly how to phrase it. am i a hideous perfectionist or what?) the story then continues with our main character (youzuke, who’s name has some awesome kanji) arriving in his father’s stead at the reading of the will for his uncle, who has been missing and has recently been declared dead. he meets the mermaid, although perhaps i should say merMAN instead, and, because it’s yaoi, sex ensues. it’s actually got some plot, and it’s pretty well written, so i’m enjoying it quite a bit. in truth, and maybe i shouldn’t say this publicly, but… i’m almost done w/ this first story already. i’ve had the thing for less than a week, and i’m on page 35 of 42. of course, i’m a huge yaoi fan, especially well-written yaoi w/ actual plot and adorable angsty interludes, but the sheer speed at which i have blown through this thing is starting to surprise me. i hope storm in heaven doesn’t start thinking this is a normal pace for me… (^^;)

also in other news, i was mentioned in someone’s blog today. the dear negoto, whose username means “talking in ones sleep” by the by, has a link to my translation of YOU-kun (of GacktJOB) ‘s diary. here’s what he said about me:

Which reminds me on how I have other links on the side-bar. One of which is the translated site of 優’s diary [http://meredeth.blogspot.com/]. Hello, dear Meredeth, if you are even/still reading this after mentioning me on your site. Thank you for translating 優’s diary dilligently and it’s especially useful for somebody like me who has a language handicap. I am sorry, I never managed to leave messages on your site because I dont have a corresponding blogger account and you dont accept anonymous commentary. Thanks for the extra information on the daikon bit by the way – it was interesting to know. 🙂

if you can’t read the kanji, it’s YOU-kun’s name. i swear i read that and giggled. i had just posted, like, six or so translations of the diary (Zomg i am so behind it’s really painful to think about), and i was like, hm, i wonder who’s visited my site today, and went to my visitor stats and saw that someone had been referred to my page from his again. i said, i wonder how my friend negoto is doing, and pow! he’s doing fine! hello negoto-san!


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