FACT 11 – Nintendo WFC

in this case standing for Nintendo, Why the Fuck can’t i Connect? I started off w/ a belkin router, which i’ve had for a year or so now, and which nintendo (the kanji for whose name means “obligatory heaven shrine” or some such thing) decided was not compatible with their service. My brother, who had massive problems with his ISP up in chicago, had a spare netgear router, which, after careful consideration, we have decided to stab in the brain and leave to die. we then purchased a special nintendo wifi dongle, installed it w/out incident, and then proceeded to have the exact same problems we’d been having with the belkin router. so this evening, we took that dongle crap back and bought a nintendo 5-star rated router, and finally, at last, at long last, INTARWEBS! ON THE DS! ZOMG! with one caveat. only one DS at a time. the thing is, you have to forward some ports and assign each DS a unique IP address, and the router only wants to forward the ports for one IP address at a time. i can’t forward the same port for multiple IP addresses. port triggering was suggested to me, but that just put us back in the land of random freeze-ups. i’ve emailed nintendo, so we’ll see what they have to say, but i feel fairly confident that it will be something along the lines of, call linksys. we’ll see.


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