FACT 12 – wayward traveler

a story from work:

i am the errand-runner in my office. i generally don’t mind, i like my car and it gets me out of the office for an hour or so, but what i don’t like is when my boss pretends that i know where i’m going. now, yes, admitedly, i’m the sort who gets lost on the way home from the grocery store, but still. when you say, “it’s a few blocks past the wendy’s and then you turn right,” that’s not enough to get me there. here’s how it happened:

three packages, each alike in dignity. … well, one of them goes to a place i had directions for, so except for the part where i made a wrong turn on the way home and had to turn around, that went fine. then came arden rd, or, as i call it, Impossible To Find St. i drove past it three or four times before even finding the thing. then i had to locate house number 270. which, it turns out, is on the corner of arden and whatever ungodly cross-street that was, and the house numbers? facing the ungodly cross-street! i drove past that another three or four times before i found it. and of course they weren’t home. and of course i was running out of gas by that point. so i decide the third package can wait ten minutes while i avert disaster. the first gas station has $2.29/gal on their sign. with a nod to our european friends, i thought “bork that” and drove on in search of cheaper pastures. the next station has $2.25, but i think i can do better, so i drive on, wondering how likely i am to make it down the street to the next gas station. it was also $2.25, but as my engine began to sputter i pulled in and gave my wallet up for adoption. then it was on to my third and final stop. i figured, drive down indianola to north bradway, turn left and boom! i’ll be there. what i forgot? you can’t turn left at that intersection! so i pulled into the little parking lot there at the corner, turned around, went further north, finally made it to the intersection right in front of my destination: a store front across the street. as i’m waiting for the light to change, a lady comes out of the door, locks it, and leaves. they closed early. congrats, satan. that had to take some skill to pull off. (X_X)

in other news, head on over to negoto-sama’s LJ to witness an attractive slice of man speak what i am told is some rather good chinese. and then scroll down a little further to witness an extremely nice picture of said attractive slice of man.

speaking of negoto-sama, she (he? you know, come to think of it, i have no idea. i think she) left me a nice comment about not worrying about the eight bazillion posts i’ve yet to translate on YOU-kun’s journal. i was like, aww, that’s so sweet! she has no idea how lazy i am! (^^;) actually, i’ve been working on warawanai ningyou, which is a collection of awesome stories i believe i’ve mentioned before. the second story is mafia-laden. and just a bit of angst. i think ima-san and i are going to get along juuust fine. (^_^) the other thing i suppose i’d better do is learn swedish! i might be going to sweden with my grandmother this summer! (^___^)-b


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