FACT 13 – drool…

oh my lord. is there anything worse than staring at pictures of food when you’re hungry? it’s like a mirage in the desert. you want it, want it hard core, and you just. can’t. have it. case in point, the bento blog. i need to make some sushi now. especially the one on the 11er of january looks tasty. shrimp balls. mmm! or the 5er? simmered yellowtail with daikon radish. MMM! GAWD it all looks so good! and instead of being at home making some, i’m stuck at work trying to figure out why the service center can’t get it together and exclude this guy from this policy before the thing cancels for non-payment. AAARG!

in other, less agonizing news, i found the hottest program evarz. it’s called OmegaT, and it’s an open source translation memory app. what that basically means is that you run your source document through the program, it breaks it up into what are called “segments,” which are basically sentence breaks. then you translate your document, but along the way, OmegaT searches through the other documents in your current project and sees if there are any relatively good matches for what you’re trying to translate. then it pops up with them in a little box to say, “hey, you’ve already translated a sentence that’s a lot like this one!” that way you can keep your translation consistent, and it makes you more efficient! i’m basically in love. i’m starting to plug in all of YOU-kun’s journal entries into the program and hopefully i won’t have to repeatedly solve the same casual language problems any more. (^^;) plus, i need to get to work on that second warawanai story. this one’s harder than the first one. there’s a bunch of mafia guys and about $2 million yen running around, so it’s a fun ride, they just can’t speak properly.


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