onsala 10 – zomg

did something actually happen out here in the fields with the cows and the horses and the massively massively large flies!? yes. i must admit, something has actually managed to get done. i know, i’m pretty much flabergasted myself. what i managed to do is to finally write something. … … … … please pick your jaws up off the floor now. thank you. nothing actually worth reading, but something that will probably be read by more people than most anything else i’ve written. (T_T) i heart bookmooch, and they started a bunch of collaborative journals over there, because they’re so awesome (the journals as well as the people) and one of the journals happens to be a collaborative novel. you can read all about it here, including the current entries (mine to be posted once i’m back in the states) and you can sign up to mooch the thing here. you’ve got to be a member of bookmooch to get the thing, but the fact is, if you’re not a member of bookmooch, then you’re too lame to qualify. (^_^) actually, the story so far is pretty interesting, if not exactly of my usual genre. there’s this chap marcus, whose death has been faked by some bizzare angels so that marcus can completely change someone’s life. i’ve decided that we’ll be helping out one Jean Crutcheson, who has an appointment with attempted suicide in two weeks’ time. of course, things haven’t really gone that well for our hero(&)ine, as Jean decided to make a go of it a little early. i’m sure she’ll work up the courage to try again in a few weeks, though, just so things don’t get too dull. (^_^)

in other news, theplushiefoundry is off to a roaring start. we sold a couple of things already, and carolyn listed skye the magic plushie this afternoon. apparently, she likes mentos, reading books about lizzards, and properly color-balanced photographs. (^_^) actually, i love the lizzards. i have one myself. actually, he’s here in sweden with me. perhaps you’ve seen him already? what i should do is make one for YOU-kun and send it to him. maybe a white and green one? to resemble a daikon? heheh. i definitely should, huh? actually, what i should do is find something else to write real quick while i’ve still got the power~


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