onsala 9 – you know it’s time to go home when…

1. peanut butter tops your list of Must Have When I Return foods
2. white bread isn’t too far behind.
3. you’ve psycho-analysed your relatives.
4. you’ve had to sit through so many dinners with your foreign relations and their friends that, after only two weeks in the country, you’re getting the hang of the native language.
5. you’re starting to be convinced that maybe 11 am isn’t such a bad time of day after all.
6. you’re getting way too involved in those inane flash games.
7. the number of culturally traditional social functions at which you will be a fifth wheel increase by a factor of ten.
8. you’re getting way too good at those inane flash games.
9. you can sort of see where your grandmother is coming from.
10. you start to actually care about what your relative are saying.

i’m not quite at nine yet, but i can see it coming, and i’d like to be, literally, on another continent when it shows. other signs you need to go home include craving english-language tv so badly you’ll watch even things like Bend it Like Beckham and being completely out of money.


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