onsala 11 – midsommar

well, the midsommar party was a success. the appetizer was hideous – the bread tasted like burnt cardboard and i don’t like shrip generally – but the meal itself was quite yummy. some kind of beef with my aunt’s delightful potatoes and probably more alchohol than i’ve had in a single night ever. i started with a strawberry daquiri with far too much rum in it, and continued with some really super good merlot, and then – by now halfway through the daquiri – i emptied the daquiri glass and tried again with a normal amount of rum, and then i had some … i don’t know what it was called. some kind of bright bright red after dinner wine. then i was invited to a game of auburn-opoly – which is basically monopoly themed for auburn indiana – at which i had an orange bacardi rum breezer, which is a little wine cooler, and some reese’s mini peanut butter cups. the dinner itself was a little lame, but after i was properly socially lubricated, things went alright. the fact that everyone else in the room was either 20 ~ 60 years older or at least 5 years younger than me became, as with everything in a room full of mildly tipsy adults, less and less important as the night wore on. (^_^)

basically, that’s it for the trip. tomorrow, saturday, i’m sure will consist mostly of me sleeping through most of the day and then being bored for the rest of the day, and sunday will be me packing and making desperately sure that i’m not forgetting anything. monday and tuesday i’ll be basically without intarwebs (T_T) as i will be a) flying home and then b) stuck in my grandmother’s prison– i’m sorry, my grandmother’s house. it turns out that she does indeed have cable internet, though, as i found out quite by accident last night at dinner, so i may be able to finagle something from that dreaded house after all.

so i’ll see you all again probably on wednesday, after a much needed night in my own bed with my own pillows and my own sheets and my own completely window-less walls. holy shit, i really can’t wait. i know i’m just on the cusp of drunkeness, but i’m getting a little choked up thinking about it. what i want is this: dr pepper inna can (which they do not sell in this country. at all. literally.), a peanut butter sandwich (peanut butter in sweden is upwards of $6 for like 10 oz or something. incidentally, did you know you can order three six ounce jars of peanut butter from the national institute of standards and technology for $545? that stuff better be good~) on white bread (which they also do not seem to favor in this country. i swear, if i never see a slice of hard and/or rye bread again in my life…) and also some real cherry garcia ice cream. the stuff they serve here? is the wrong color. the ice cream is way too cherry and the cherries themselves are somehow wrong. too squishy, i think. which is silly, because all the other fruit i’ve had here has seemed to me to be of especially vibrant taste. hell, i even had a gala apple the other day that i practically fell in love with. i was ready to marry that thing, and i normally find gala apples lame and tasteless. something is amiss, and i intend to discover what it is by eating as much ben and jerry’s as it takes for me to tell the difference between swedish cherry garcia and american cherry garcia. it’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it, for the good of all humanity~


Jones, Llamedos. One of the Disc’s semi-mythical religious explorers. Legend has it that he set out one day in his leather coracle armed with no more than a holy sickle, a sack of mistletoe, a small portable stone circle and a harmonium, in an inspired effort to bring the advantages of Strict Druidism to the heathen. No one has yet found out what these advantages were.


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