fact 34 – the gloaming

my cell phone’s camera’s not the best, but at the moment? i just don’t care at all. why not? because the item you see in the picture to the left there? IS MY NEW CAR~~~ yays!!! for those of you in the columbus area, there is a young man named Douglas who works at Dennis Autopoint who is quite a nice fellow. my new car is a 1997 Nissan Altima. not a great charmer of a car, but it is quite nice inside. the outside is a little bigger than i really would like – especially compared to My Baby The Tercel, but frankly the car i wanted – a 2004 bright blue hyundai accent – was far too expensive for me. this one was delightfully priced, and has a really nice aftermarket stereo. it doesn’t have any mp3 input, which means i may have to replace it, as nice as it is, but it does play mp3 cds, which means i have some time to save up for the new stereo. i’m also hoping that my new consignment gig will work out quite well. if you’d like to see some books of mine that won’t be for sale online, you can check out The Frame Station in Upper Arlington. they do – obviously – mostly framing, but they have some small consignment tables set up, and i got a spot on one of them! yays me! i’m bringing her some more stuff tomorrow (maybe in MY NEW CAR!) and i’m going to have to ask her how often she thinks we’ll want inventory updates, because i’m thinking a couple of things a week or so would be perfect for me. this is of course in addition to whatever i sell online.

so, things to do now include but are not limited to:

finish budokan books
get job
research stereo system
work on conlang Gunsta
work on conlang, as yet unnamed
continue reading
finish Hyperspace by michio kaku
write leftover script frenzy script
write june/july proseplease prompt
make plushies
stab all humanity
finish japanese books for budokan
finish demian syndrome extras (finished initial pass, now for clean-up!)
finish lunar desert
study more japanese
get back to college
get degree
go to japan
disappear into immortality

again, some long term, some short term. i like to mix it up. (^_^)


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