fact 33 – dokuritsu day

dokuritsu being the japanese word for indepence. why japanese? because i can.

ok. now that i’m a marginially humanoid being, i feel i can write coherently. we went down to the fireworks at whetstone park this evening. MAN were those awesome. we found the absolutely perfect seats, too. the fireworks were being set off just on the other side of a grove from us, and i swear it felt like some of those fireworks were going to rain right down on us. i was like, um, can i get an umbrella? (^_^) it was wonderful. also, the show seemed longer this year. maybe it’s just because i watched last night’s fireworks on the television, which is always lame, but these at whetstone seemed particularly awesome. my sister took some cell phone pictures. we’ll have to see if any of them turned out.

also on the awesome side, hopefully, will be tomorrow. i’m going car shopping. there’s a hyundai of some varitety (i think whatever’s one step up from the accent) in one of the car lots near my house, and it’s in the “we’ll give you $3000 for your car even if it only barely qualifies as a motor vehicle” section. the cars there usually have something wrong with them, but nothing major. more like, the auto window on the passenger side doesn’t work (ha! i hate passengers!) or the trunk doesn’t open w/out voodoo (ha! i never use the trunk!) so i feel alright buying one from there. i almost bought a car from there a couple of years ago (a disgusting ford focus) but i couldn’t get any financing. this time, i’ve got a little bit of my parent’s money and the promised $3000, so hopefully i’ll be driving a new car home tomorrow evening. wish me luck!


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