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once again, i have forgotten to take a photo of my new baby. perhaps it is because i’m not as enamoured of my new baby as i could be. it’s not horrible, actually the interior’s pretty nice. it’s just so much wider than my real baby, and so much uglier from the back, that it feels wrong. plus, i haven’t been able to use my mp3 player in it because some doofus put a stupid aftermarket stereo in it w/ no tape player, so there’s no way it can be mine yet. plus, it’s an altima. i’ve never really liked altimas. they’re just ugly, especially at the back. a car should be an expression of a single line, slightly raised at the back, with no breaks or interruptions. the 1997 nissan altima, as indeed the newer ones, are two lines shoved together and forced to fight it out to the death somewhere in the middle of the car before finally coming to a compromise concerning the uglification of the vehicle round about the back seat doors.

we now have five cars at this house. a tercel, an echo, a saturn, a crv, and now an altima. we’ve got the tercel for sale (my poor baby. i know. i know the whole story, honey.) and we’ve put the plates on my new baby, so we had to put the tercel in the driveway, lest it get a ticket for being derelict. during the Great Rearranging, i took the following:

that’s my tercel, mom’s crv (and mum herself), (my sister and dorky dad) my new altima, carolyn’s echo, and dad’s saturn. we basically have a parking lot now. we have five cars parked outside our home right at the moment. i’m stuck parking on the other side of the street, technically in front of someone else’s house. it’s pretty obnoxious. i’ve really got to sell that tercel as quickly as possible. so, if you’re in the columbus area, and you need a tercel for parts, drop me a line.

what i am quite pleased with is our new pool. last year, our poor pool gave up the ghost, so this year we started the search for the replacement. two target stores, a toys r us, and a meijers later, we found this beauty. fifteen feet across and forty-two inches deep. it’s so lovely! we bought it yesterday, and set it up straight away. it was actually super easy to do. the box says “ready for water in 45 minutes,” but it took probably less than that. of course, there were five of us, all eager to get the thing done. then we started putting water in the thing. it hold 3861 gallons of water. we turned the hose on just before 5.30 pm sunday night. about midnight, the pool was maybe 2/3rds of the way full, but we turned the water off. we turned it back on in the morning, and it wasn’t full until like noon. this pool? is huge. this pool? is delightful! the water really was quite chilly this afternoon, but i went for a swim anyway. i couldn’t help myself. my brain was basically broken with anticipation.

oh man, speaking of things that brake my brain! i went to check my stats for my yuu-kun diary translation, and wham! 600+ views! that darn gackt-camui.com has shot my views up like nobody’s business. the scary yellow peaks are delightful to see. they’re a little scary though. makes me wanna go study…

also, there is no show by simon schama that i will not watch. i’m not even particularly interested in fine arts, but The Power of Art is yet another chance to listen to schama-sama’s accent. three cheers for pbs!!!


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