FACT 81 – World Book Day

hey hey! does yatsu have pictures that she said she’d have!? well, yes, but only for one of two items.

this is the young indiana jones journal. i’ve finished mussing it up, i’ve done as many inserts as humanly possible, no thanks to the non-informative internets, and now it gets to sleep while my customer prostitutes himself for the money to buy it. (^_^) poor dude, i understand how being broke is.

the other thing i would like to show is this ->

this is my book for the BESTbooks World Book Day Challenge. the challenge was to come up with something inspired by Cervantes and Shakespeare, who, in a strange twist of the calendar, died on the same date, but not the same day. england was still using the Julian calendar, while Spain had joined the modern world in the Gregorian calendar, so both calendars marked the day as April 23, 1616, but Shakespeare actually died ten days after Cervantes. thus endeth today’s NERd Lesson. UNESCO took that as their cue to make the day World Book Day, and we at BESTbooks took that in turn as our cue to make up a challenge. this was my first try at hand made headbands, and i used a period-accurate technique that was actually pretty simple. i’m thinking hand made headbands are my new favorite technique. the cover is fabric kindly donated by my mother (remnants from a pillow she made me – that pillow? is a ROCK and i love it.) and the endpapers are (definitely not period accurate) cardstock. the text block is unlined heavy white sketch paper, and there are… 200 pages to scribble your inspired thoughts all over! check it out on the BESTbooks blog~


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