FACT 80 – photo dump

that’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a long while since i had a photo dump, so here we go!

first up on the list is ACEOs. for those of you uninitiated, ACEO stands for artists cards, editions and originals, or some such thing. we also call them ATCs, artist trading cards. basically, a 2.5 by 3.5 inch piece of anything you choose, upon which you perpetrate Art. my sister is making an ACEO at this very moment inspired by ookami, and it is pretty much smex. it’s wire and beads on a wooden frame. in the shape of a sakura tree. it’s pretty much mini wire sculpture. so you can perpetrate whatever sort of Art you desire, and it doesn’t even have to be 2d. i love these things, in case you couldn’t tell. (^_^) i’ve had a crap ton of the things hanging around just waiting to be listed, and i finally uploaded them to a special ACEO/ATC site, ATCsforAll. you can see my ATCsforAll page here, but for your viewing convenience and my posting largess, i shall upload a selection below:

so check out the rest on ATCsforall, and go ahead and sign up while you’re at it. but only if you’re good enough. after all, as you can see, i am clearly an artistic genius. (^^;)

anyhow, moving on from that slight distortion of the truth, we’ll head straight into the Obsession portion of this evening’s program. as many of my loyal readers (yes, i’m sure i have at least one. she is possibly my sister.) my beloved toyota tercel was slaughtered mercilessly by a mean old mechanic. who probably handed my poor innocent car a poisoned apple or some such thing. anyhow, i have, ever since that time, noticed every single tercel that passes my way. because it is precisely when you do not have something that you notice it the most. anyhow, over the past several months, i have, with my trusty camera phone, documented the world’s multiple tauntings. these i present for you below:

some of them are a little blury, and actually that one that seems to be mostly a picture of my rearview mirror, you can’t really see the tercel in that one, but i swear there is a tercel following me in that picture. there’s also a silver tercel that looks just like my precious murder victim, and it’s even driven by a girl who sort of looks like me, so Creepy.

oh, yes, speaking of pictures. i have yet to photograph my young indy book, but i have contacted its future home, and he hasn’t had any luck finding extra inserts either, so consider this your call out folks. if you have info on young indiana jones diary inserts, let me know!

as for the WorkOut runner’s journal, i, uh, TOTALLY FORGOT to take pictures of it. (^^;) well, laurel said she’d try to bring it next time she comes for a fitting, and she did say she totally loved it. so hopefully i can get some photos of that here before long. it’ll be a little weird to wip out my [light box] right in front of ’em, but maybe i can open up a photo discussion with my dear sarita and totally NERd out. not like she needs to be any more frightened of my NERdness, but WHATEVER! i desire to endear myself to people, and NERd is how i do it.

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