well, it’s decided. i’m going back to class. OSU, specifically. i went to sign up for some courses at CSCC, thinking i could complete my GEC requirements as a sort of warm-up to OSU, but it turns out, after about an hour of figuring out precisely what i needed to take vs what i had already taken (an extra 21 hours of course work taken for no point! no problem! (T_T) ), that columbus state does not actually offer any classes that i need to take. it turns out what i do need to take amounts to precisely six (6) courses. five english major courses and one GEC. that’s two quarters. of course, it won’t end up being two quarters, coz i do have to work occassionally, but still. SIX COURSES! so i’ve decided that i am going back to class, and i will bloody well graduate god damn it. if i have to storm OSU’s doors with an entire ream of paper work, i WILL be graduating. now, to call OSU and initiate what will be a MAJOR paperwork SHUFFLE so that i might be admitted this summer. i’m not even sure if that’s possible, frankly, but i sure as hell will be trying it. (^_^)


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