or, Financing Your College Education, the Hard Way.

not that there IS an easy way. even the English Department head was like, It’s getting prohibitive. i was like, no, it IS prohibitive. every other part of this process was Easy Breezy. signing up for classes, getting my OSU internet ID reactivated, meetings with two seperate advisors in two seperate departments/buildings, including the headache of on-campus parking w/out a permit AND being late to both meetings: two days. could’ve been one, except for a meeting the english lady had that day. getting financing? two days just to get ahold of the financial aid department, only to find out that they don’t offer aid for people taking less than six credit hours (me? taking 5. that’s right) plus one day to call my bank and get declined for a loan. now it’ll be another two days trying out cosigners in the BLIND HOPE that one of them will qualify me for half the loan i wanted, but as long as eventually i have enough to pay for my classes, i will have to be satisfied. living expenses? well, i don’t know what i’m going to do with that, but i guess i’ll have to get over it, because i’ll be lucky to pay for classes, let alone anything else. (X_X)

moving on. i’ve listed a new pretty over on etsy. the picture to the right i actually took by accident (as evidenced by the fact that i would never in a million years allow something that blurry past my initial round of deletions) but i love the angle so much, i decided to let it pass. also, it’s probably the most accurate shot i got of that stupid grey. it’s like grey, but a green grey, and if i can get the gret right, the cinnamon color is wrong, or they’re both wrong, or SOMETHING, (breath meredeth, breath!) so i decided to leave it. also, i believe notuboc will be having a sale the final two weeks of May. i have finally figured out how to do free shipping in such a way that people will no longer have to wait for an invoice, thus preventing people from accidentally paying me for shipping they did not need to pay for, so in anticipation of getting up the money to pay for classes, May 18 – 31 will be free shipping season at notuboc. enjoy~

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