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Q: What is your real name vs. your screen or nickname?

A: hello, my name is meredeth, and i am afraid of the shift key. (^_^) my etsy name is yatsu, which is a japanese word you use to refer to someone when you don’t want to be terribly polite to them. like, Jerk or Turd. (^_^) my etsy shop name is notuboc, which is a combo of the old english words for Useful and Book. wow, could i GET any NERdier?

Q: When or how did you get into book arts?

A: as a writer, i was always fondling those fancy journals at the bookstore, but none of them was exactly perfect, so i decided to take matters into my own hands. and now look at my evil empire! bwahahah! … …

Q: How long have you been making books now?

A: three years? something like that. i guess i made my first book like five years ago, but then i didn’t make anything for a while.

Q: What kinds of books (whether format or subject matter) are your favorite to make these days?

i like learning new bindings, and right now, i’m expirementing with series. next up is a group of nine books, each with the same kind of covers, but different papers and different exposed bindings. time to bust out the sewing frame!

Q: What kinds of books would you like to make in the future?

A: i’d like to try books with strong themes, maybe a series of books inspired by celebrities or something like that. more belgian eyelet binding would be refreshing, too.

Q: Is there a particular kind of bookbinding technique that you’d really like to learn or try?

A: i’d like to learn some historical bindings, like guttenberg-era.

Q: Do you sell your books at local arts and crafts fairs?

A: i did this past year, but it was pretty much bust. of course, it was bust for almost everyone i met, so i think i’ll try it again this year, but i hope to have more of a Product Line for the shows than the patented Artistic Mish Mash i purvey on etsy. (^_^)

the other thing i’m trying is bead weaving. i’ve done a couple of things (which my sister has kindly agreed to list in her etsy shop as yatsu’s consignment) but i’ve decided that these things are far too … Normal. so i have decided to bead the periodic table of the elements. that’s right, the whole thing. to the left you can view a prototype hydrogen. it is, by the way, approximately one inch wide and one and a quarter inches long. it will soon be for sale. i designed a whole font complete with numbers and now i’ll be spending my extra hours at work making pattern for all 118 elements. NERd points +1000! so far i have helium and boron done. they’re really even more adorable than hydrogen. i had to make an emergency bead store run (god i love that phrase) after work so i could get the right colors, and i very nearly over spent myself, but it will be totally worth it when i confront my cubicle mates with my undying NERdness tomorrow.

oh yeah, speaking of NERd, i bought a shirt that has the shape of pi, all filled in with as many digits of pi as would fit. gregory called me Queen Dorkus. i told him thank you. (^_^)

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