FACT 157 – evolution of an apartment

so here i am on your regular old friday night, hanging out and eating pizza and UNPAAACKING~~~ that’s right, i’m all moved in, and enjoying the wonder and joy of not having anyone pounce on me the instant i walk in the door. “how are you~” “exhausted.” “how was your day~” “i just got home from it, can i relax a minute before i have to talk about it again?” (^^;) these days when i walk in the door, there is a blessed silence. (^_^) i can take my shoes off, visit the restroom, maybe get dinner going, and THEN turn on the skype and the gtalk and the whatever else. i’m in love. (^_^) ! except for the dude who just walked past my balcony talking all loud on his cell phone who just scared the crap out of me. (^^;) also, my insistence on good lighting means that my electric bill will not be cheap (^^;) BUT! i don’t care! because it’s MY electric bill, and if i really cared that much, i’d turn a light off. i’m the only one responsible, after all. (^_^) in other news, my control freak side comes to the fore with ever more delighted and craven grins. i’m still unpacking, and the sheer chaos of that process is driving me up a (gorgeously painted) wall, but i don’t really have any time off to spare, so i have to unpack when i get home from work, which generally means a box, maybe two, and then i’m too tired to do much of anything but veg in front of a PBS documentary or something. (^_^) i’m not paying for cable, so it’s netflix and the local channels for me. not like i (have time to) watch anything else anyway. at the moment, you can almost see the entire TV area floor. i have just one large living/dining area, but actually it’s a TV area and a studio for me, with a gingantic tumbled mess of cords under the TV. unlike my studio area, at the moment, which is a tumbled mess of boxes and crap on two desks that i have yet to really commit to liking the position of. ^^;;; not that i have anything due imminently. no. not at all. ^^;;;;;; tonight has been spent mostly attempting to find a one pound skein of dark brown yarn and ~25 granny squares i’ve crocheted from it that i seem to have LOST during the move. yeah. figure that one out, i dare you. i’ve looked pretty much everywhere in my house, and i’ve had my siblings checking every nook and cranny at that house, but so far, it’s magically disappeared. i guess my next solution is gonna be looking in the cars that we used that day. maybe it got left behind or something. the only other option is to buy a whole new skein, and that seems silly. ok, the other thing i’ve discovered here is that i own far too many lamps. there is literally no where else to put a lamp. there is a lamp, i swear, every six feet in the apartment. it’s like, LampLand. oh yeah, i also have no scanner. huh. i guess that’s alright, since i also have no media pc (T_T) but after a minute, that’s really going to get obnoxious. ok, i really do have to clean this desk off. i swear. UP A WALL. (this post brought to you by disorganized clutter, and my intense hatred for the same.) .

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