FACT 156 – world book day~

as my local etsy bookbinding list has just reminded me, the UK has declared today World Book Day~ great idea, the UK! (^_^) why today? well, it turns out that the rest of us celebrate world book day on april 23, which also happens to be cervantes’s birthday. but in angelond, that part of the calendar is usually already packed up with crazy anglican things like the resurrection of the lord or some such thing (^_^) so they decided to move the day of the book back a little, to march. which is okay, coz lent’s usually a little dry anyway, so we could use an extra reason to celebrate during the month of march, and an entire day being set aside for glorification of my personal favorite art form is just fine by me~ it is also, by some strange cosmic alignment of timetables and paychecks and possibly alien stars, the day before i sign my rental agreement! (exactly~) just the thought of myself, at home, by myself, maybe /maybe/ some music on, probably just sprawl myself out on the carpet and go spread eagle just laying there with the secure knowledge that no one will come up and try to trip over me, or be fake cute by jumping on me, or pretending to throw a cat on me. in fact! there will not be any cats anywhere within a cinderblock wall of my apartment. jesus that makes me happy. so to celebrate (and also because moving that many books will break my back) i am having a sale over at notuboc~ and it’s a serious sale, too, as in, “buy one get one”

serious. of course, you have to pay for the more expensive one and you get the cheaper one free, and you will be paying shipping on both items, but from now until march 14, if you buy one book, you can choose another for free. just check out with them both in your cart, and wait for an invoice from me through paypal. i’m joined to my internet-enabled phone at the hip, so you shouldn’t have to wait long~ now, go read a book! (^_^) .

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