NaNoWriMo 2009 – day eleven

now with 500% more recycled plots! keep your environment green! #fail speaking of fail, my word count currently stands at 17,949 words. i know! sadness! (for those of you who have no idea what i’m talking about, you must be in the wrong place. or you’ve come in from my new round of google ads. you want for blank books.) for the rest of you, just know that i should be at 18,337 by the end of the day. not that that isn’t possible, just that i have EIGHTEEN HUNDRED OTHER THINGS TO DO before i’m allowed to write. (T_T) let’s see, shall i depress myself by listing them? … … for your amusement, yes. i shall. (^_^) actually, it’s not all bad. for instance, the graduation announcements i’m making (at LAST!) are very cool, very shiny, and … well, frankly, very glittery. (^^;) seriously, there is glitter all OVER this table right now. (T_T) after my shower the other day, i found still more glitter on me. IT’S EVERYWHERE~ anyhow, i’ll have some pictures of the real things when i’m done with them, but for now, i can at least show you the paper i’m using for the outsides. the silver pack is just screenprinted designs, so that’s not so glittery, but the black and white pack has a couple of papers that are simply swimming in glitter, and so now so am i. (T_T) let’s see, what else is on my to do list. oh yeah! my book for the BESTbooks holiday giveaway! i was hoping to ship it out, um, oh wait, TWO DAYS AGO (T_T) but of course, that didn’t work out, so i’ve been feverishly trying to get it finished. it’s due at the organizer’s house on the 24th, so i really need to ship it out this week if i want it to get there in anything like an appropriate time frame. in fact, i was so dedicated to finishing the bloody thing that i took it to work with me today. now, today being a national holiday (super thanks veterans!) (seriously, i like my freedoms. make a point of enjoying at least one of them every day.) i figured we’d be super dead at work today (i work as an intake at a medical/insurance call center). why we were even there today, i seriously do not know. (in retrospect, i think i may have been there to hear adan call himself ‘the great’ one more time. (^_^) ) (now don’t worry, adan has enough ego to survive any slights he may get from my little blog. anyway, he reads this thing regularly, and i know he reads this thing regularly, and he knows that i know he reads this thing regularly, and i know that he knows that i know that this recursive crap has gone on far too long now, so to summarize: you know i love you, adan! we cool, right? (^_^) have no fears, etiquette masters.) eternal parentheses aside, i brought my christmas book to work with me, hoping to finish it while we were dead. well, as anyone with a good sense of story can guess by now, we were totally not dead. indeed we were the opposite of dead. that didn’t stop me from completing my book (that’s right adan, i was sewing while we were chatting it up. take that! (^_^) ) and so i prove my point by presenting you with a photo i took at work with my cell phone. (p.s., g1s rawk~) … … or at least i would if the server would talk to me. hellooo, server! … … speaking of #fail … fine. for now, you can look at my flickr: anyhow, i didn’t really have a plan on how to bind it, so i think this style of binding is called “i made that shit up” but everybody seems to like it, so i guess we just won’t tell them. will we? (hint: the correct answer is, “no ma’am.” (^_^) ) it’s got 50 pages of cold press watercolor paper in it, and the cover’s actually made from leftover matt board and a sticker i found at my local paper dive. they also had a halloween sticker, which i didn’t find until it was a little too late for the holiday, but i’ll make it just the same and have it up for next year. (^_^) i broke a needle making it, and nearly got the broken needle stuck in the book, since i wasn’t able to bring all my fancy tools to work with me. i am one sad girl without my fancy tools. (T_T) … i also have to address these silly graduation announcements. which, you wouldn’t think would be crazy time consuming, but i’m sending like 50+ of these things out, so it’s taking me a while just to gather the necessary addresses, let alone apply the addresses to the envelopes. as some of you may have seen on my twitter stream earlier this week, i never fully appreciated the complexity of my friends’ life situations until i had to find the correct way to address envelopes to, for instance, two guys, two girls, two brothers, two sisters, family members with varying last names, family members with the same last name, married couples with completely different last names, et-liberal-cetera. on the scale of hardness, i guess, not much past graphite (if you get that joke, you are officially too NERdy. return to whichever science building you just came out of) but for easily-amused me, it was super fun. i’ve never had a party this large before, and i’ve certainly never thrown a party this large before. in fact, i’m pretty sure i’ve never even been to a party this large — well, that’s not true. i’ve been to a couple of wedding receptions larger than 50 people before, but i quickly made an excuse to duck out. meredeth is not a party person, she does not enjoy crowds (which for her means any group larger than three people), and she really does not enjoy being the center of attention (despite what she’d like to put up as a front). i much prefer to come up with an idea, implement the thing, fix whatever problem existed, and then go on about my life. a little thank you card is plenty sufficient, thanks. i do not need parties, big announcements, whatever. but in this case, i’m making an exception. a) because i really want some pocky (we’re having a pocky tasting party), b) because i have the idea that some of my friends would really be surprised by some of my other friends, and also c) because i worked fucking hard this year, and i need some drinking. basically there have been so many moments over the past six or eight months when i thought i might not graduate after all, that i decided to throw a big party just as a symbolic flip of the bird to OSU. and of course it gives me an excuse to get glitter all over everything. (^_^) anyhow, the other thing i have to do this quarter is write a ginormous paper. a 20 page paper AND a 15 minute presentation, due at the end of this month. not that i’m working too hard. as my friend says, a C = graduation. i don’t have to get an A in this class to graduate, so i’m not going to be terribly disappointed if i’m not on the dean’s list or whatever. it’s not like i have any chance of getting honors or even substatially improving my GPA, so i might as well reduce my stress level. not that perfectionist me isn’t gonna be pissed off about my sucktastic final paper whenever it does get finished. it does, however, mean that perfectionist me will just have to stuff a sock in it. … well, in the two hours it took me to write this post, i’ve finished 18 graduation announcements, eaten dinner, checked my email, listened to the macarena, wished i hadn’t listened to the macarena, gotten glitter over myself all over again, etc etc, blah blah. what i have not done is written any story. ~meredeth. 388 words behind at 11 pm… (this post brought to you by the neverending parenthesis. like the neverending story, but with less flying furries.)

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