NaNoWriMo 2009 – day six

well, here it is, day six, and i’ve only now gotten my first chance to post a blog-a-blog about it. seriously, this week (well, actually this whole year, but that’s a whole other rant) has been CRAZY. i’m at just over 10990 words as of tonight, which, considering is was ~150 words down as of this morning, ain’t to shabby, even if i do say so myself. i’m resurrecting one of my old ScriptFrenzy plots, one i’ve had kicking around in my story idea folder for several years. i’ve decided ScriptFrenzy isn’t for me (two attempts, so sooper fails) but i owe it to the story ideas to at least try writing them. they weren’t bad, just not screen plays. (^^;) tomorrow, i’ve got a write-in down at the main library on campus. so, if any of you want to join the excrutiating fun, please join us about noon at the library on the oval down at OSU. the newly renovated building is actually awesome, despite my disgruntledness over the price tag, so it should be a cool write-in. to tell you the truth, i hardly ever go to write-ins. i find i’m more comfortable writing when i’m 100% alone, but this year, i can’t resist the pull of writing at the new library. anyhow, i’m not about to post my entire NaNovel online (i do have some dignity left, you know~) but i will put up the prologue. it’s got some severe (and i do mean severe) tense issues, but it should meet minimum standards of readability anyway. i.e., there are words, sentences, /and/ paragraphs. this does not mean they are necessarily related to one another… seriously, NaNo is about quantity, not quality. NaNovel prologue

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